14 june 2019

June 14: Day in the history of science and technology

On June 14, 1822, English mathematician Charles Babbage sent a letter to the British Royal Astronomical Society describing his famous difference machine - in fact, the world's first computer. On June 14, 1952, the customer earned the first UNIVAC I commercial computer in the United States and the third largest in the world. The customer was the United States Air Force, and the computer was installed at the Pentagon. Interestingly, it was the second copy purchased - the first one a year earlier was acquired by the census bureau, but it was eventually launched six months later.

18 may 2019

Science Day in Ukraine!

Congratulations on the Day of Science!

8 may 2019

TATU project named best TEMPUS-project

TATU project was recognized as the best in the history of TEMPUS-projects

7 december 2018

III international scientific and practical conference

Today, the Institute of Computer Systems hosted the third Scientific and practical conference "Project, Program, Portfolio p3management-2018"More than 100 experts in the field of Project Management presented their theses. The conference was held at a high level

19 november 2018

Odessa Data Science Meetup

We invite everyone to the Odessa Data Science Meetup seminar.

18 september 2018

SMART FARM is the newest development of CISN department students

At the exhibition dedicated to the 100s anniversary of the Odesa National Polytechnic University, future engineers of the Computer Intellectual Systems and Networks department presented the newest development, SMART FARM (Clever hothouse).

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